2020 Auction

Item #100-299 The Haven
852 E Main St 864-978-5294
Sat. the 7th 10am-2pm
Mon. the 9th 10am-4pm

Item #300-499 Bethlehem Center
397 Highland Ave 864-582-7158
Mon. the 9th-Fri. the 13th 10am-5pm

Item #500-699 Spartanburg Humane Society
150 Dexter Rd 864-398-7377
Sat. the 7th-Tues. the 10th 9am-5pm

Item #700-899 Upstate Family Resource Center
1850 Old Furnace Rd., Boiling Springs
Sat. the 7th 10am-2pm
Mon the 9th 10am-4pm

Item #900-1099 SAFE Homes Rape Crisis
236 Union St 864-583-9803
Sat. the 7th 10am-2pm
Mon. the 9th-Wed. the 11th 9am-4pm